Spring is the perfect season for wedding nuptials or renewing your vows. The air is crisp, the sun is out, and flowers are blossoming in all directions. Hosting an elegant outdoor wedding celebrates the bonds of holy matrimony and rejoices in the couple’s happiness and future. First, however, it would be best to have the right tent that can withstand winds up to 75 mph and is weather-proof year-round. In Miami, Economy Tent International (ETI) features a 30-foot wide tent and a 40-foot wide tent for your wedding extravaganza.

Why go with ETI for an outdoor wedding celebration?”

Our Classic Plus tent has been proven to deliver measurable results every time. A Kentucky Tent Model Approved unit offers grand scale versatility with over 100 feet in length. Available as a 30-foot wide tent and a 40-foot wide tent, the Classic Plus is perfect for weddings that require large, unobstructed areas. In addition, this unit is easy to assemble, weather-proof, wind-resistant, and ideal for hosting weddings with many invitees and loved ones.

Our High-Peak style tent accentuates the traditional cover style that our 30 x 100 tent comes in. With its high-arched design and impressive look, this magnificent tent can be the focal point of your exquisite outdoor wedding. Here are some reasons to purchase a 30 x 100 tent or 40 x 100 tent from us:

  • Classic Plus covers are available in 30-ft and 40-ft widths.
  • We feature mid extensions that can extend the length of any Classic Plus tent.
  • ETI showcases over 15 colors for tent covers with 18 oz. solid colors and 30-inch stripes.
  • ETI ships tents and accessories worldwide to customers and party rental companies. Our tents make the perfect addition to your outdoor galas, promotional events, business functions, and marketing collateral.
  • Stainless steel buckles prevent unaesthetic rust stains on covers.
  • For optimal versatility, tents can be mounted on grass, concrete, and other hard surfaces.
  • Our Classic Plus Frame System continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.
  • 30 x100 tents include double-tube corner rafters, 2″ mid-rafter, and 2″ sidebars.
  • 40-foot wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid-rafters, and 2″ sidebars
  • All tents have passed stringent quality control tests before going to market. ETI stands by all tents and accessories with satisfaction guaranteed for new and existing customers.
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Give your wedding guests some great gifts

Weddings are for newlyweds-to-be to celebrate their love with family and friends. While the couple receives most of the presents, there are ways to show appreciation for all invitees and guests. Giving them an ensemble of wedding favors will help them cherish the memories of the occasion forever. Here are five unique wedding favors that will wow your guests this Spring!

  1. Blooming lollipops

Blooming lollipops are aesthetically exciting and very delicious. These pastel-colored treats are edible decorative additions to give-away baskets. These tasty lollipops feature embedded seeds with flavors like strawberry, lemongrass, and cherry. Your wedding guests will love how they taste and can even plant the whole stick to grow their favorite herbs and flowers.

Blooming lollipops continue to soar in popularity. They are rapidly becoming an essential party and wedding favor for spring nuptials. You can order these treats online and even have them personalized with wedding themes, wrappers, and small baskets for your guests and invitees.

  1. Wedding cookies

Spring weddings are the perfect way to celebrate newlyweds’ love and their families. At ETI, we know how important having the right tent is for this landmark occasion. Our  30-foot wide tent is ideal for large wedding ceremonies and receptions. You and your wife or husband can also decorate the interiors and exteriors as desired. There is plenty of room under the tent for the main wedding table,  dining tables, chairs, photo-op kiosks, ice sculptures, cake stand, dance floor, and more.

While most of your guests anticipate the cake, you can also give them delicious wedding cookies. Your local wedding cake bakery offers a range of tasty cookies for guests. Of course, the children will also love these treats with flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and even gluten-free varieties for guests with dietary restrictions.

  1. Spring picnic baskets
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In addition to weddings, Spring is also the perfect season for outdoor picnics. How about some beautiful and convenient mini picnic baskets for your guests? These leave-behinds can be filled with small candies or lemonade mixes that add to the vibe and essence of Spring. You will find these interwoven decorative baskets online or at local gifts and accessories shops in your area. Baskets capture spring like no other, and your guests will remember the love, fun, and excitement they had at your wedding.

  1. Drink cozies

Drink cozies are very useful and convenient, especially for guests who love to drink their favorite beverages regularly. You will find spring-themed cozies with floral patterns, earthy designs, and even wedding designs that represent your spring wedding. While cozies are not a unique wedding favor idea, they are practical and cost-effective, especially working within a wedding planning budget.

  1. Wedding jars

Wedding jars are a great way to show your appreciation and thanks to all those that attended your wedding. You can purchase mason jars with jellies, jams, honey, and other popular condiments. These jars are attractive and make perfect displays on wall units and shelves for your guests. They can also be added to picnic or fruit baskets and given to your wedding guests and loved ones in appreciation.

ETI features durable tents for all outdoor weddings

ETI is the commercial tent supplier you need for all outdoor weddings in Miami. With years of experience, we can help you find the right size tent for your spring wedding. Contact us today or visit our website to access all the top tents and accessories in the industry.

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