Structure-Style Tents Expand Event Spaces

Structure style commercial tents are the ideal choice for expanding event spaces. Commercial tents provide the advantage of being quick to deploy solution whenever a shelter structure is needed. They are useful for holding exhibitions, conventions, wedding, brand marketing, festivals, sporting events, and many other social functions.

When planning for a social event, one of the most important questions to ask is the venue a good option is a commercial tent and there are so many benefits of using commercial tents for events.

So let us look at some of the benefits of deploying commercial tents.

Large spaces

Particularly if you want to host an event at your home it is so much easier to host it outdoors under a commercial tent; this prevents problems with etiquette and disrupting of your house routine. And commercial tents provide much larger spaces that most typical homes would be.

For large corporate events, they’re even more advantages because they have a modular design which can be extended to include additional guests. Commercial tents have large open spaces and are roomy enough to host large crowds. The sidewalls of these structures are also removable and can be adjusted or opened to allow for all of the overflows of guests.

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More decoration options

By design, commercial tents are a blank slate that can be decorated and accessorized for a particular themed party. It is much easier to realize our vision of events in a tent than it would be in a brick-and-mortar building.

Permanent buildings are permanent structures that have a pre-existing layout and color scheme. Most of the time you have to work with what you have with permanent structures. Because the walls and layout of a commercial tent are not fixed it is easier to transform it to the particular theme you have envisioned.

The reduced concern of cleaning up after the event

There will definitely be a lot of cleanups to do after any event particularly one involving large groups of people. Using a commercial tent on an asphalt or paving surface makes it much easier to clean up after your event is over.

And because tents have a lot more room for maneuver there’s less risk of damage to things like furniture which would happen if the event was held in a closed space like a residential home.

With a commercial tent, you can also come to an agreement with the site management on how the cleaning will be done after the event so they might actually do this for you at an extra cost.

Climate control

CrossBrace tube Commercial tents can be used during any season and at any temperature. The structures basically weatherproof your event. During very hot weather, the side walls can be raised and fans deployed to reduce the temperature in the tent. During cold weather, the side walls can be lowered and heaters used to provide heat to warm up the tent.

The technology for building commercial tents has improved over the years with anodized aluminum is being used as an alternative for steel. The latter is much lighter but still very strong and sturdy. Most commercial tents suppliers rate their structures based on the wind speeds they can sustain without tipping over.

But tents are not to be used where it is snowing because the weight of the snow will collapse the structure.

Branding and business visibility

Commercial tents can be used in trade shows and corporate events to promote business visibility by branding. Most commercial tent suppliers will offer customization that includes adding the company name and their products onto the tent itself.

This is a form of free and good advertisement for potential customers that work by your tent. The business can also give a good impression of itself by decorating the tent in a way that makes it pro-trade the impression that the business ones.

By putting out a good impression the business attracts potential customers who will remember the company and the impression it made on them.

Modular design and quick to deploy

Setting up a commercial tent is simply a matter of hours excluding the time of transportation from the supplier’s place of business. They are a fast way of setting up a structure making it very convenient.

Commercial tents are very easy to take down after the event is over; this provides time savings and costs savings.

So those are some of the benefits of using commercial tents to expand event spaces.