There are milestones in life that simply must be celebrated. High school graduation is one of them. Marking an important transitional period in life, teenagers finish high school with all the hope and determination that will take them through their college years and into their chosen careers. It’s worth celebrating summer graduations, and commercial tents make for the perfect summer party venues.

Here are some essential summer graduation party planning tips from a leading commercial tent supplier.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Budgeting is key to a successful event. Graduation party costs can quickly escalate. If you don’t track your budget, you could soon find that you spend hundreds or even thousands more than expected.

A graduation party should make the student or students in attendance feel special. It’s a reward for their hard work and determination and a fitting send-off as they move towards the rest of their life journey.

Whether parties are planned by parents, schools, or social groups, the budget should be the first thing considered.

High school graduation doesn’t need to be extravagant and it’s not worth going into debt to host a party. College graduations are larger events and are considered more significant, so it’s OK to splash out.

It’s possible to cut costs by sourcing party supplies from affordable suppliers.

Schools and colleges that host large graduation parties will find that purchasing reliable commercial tents is economical because the tents can be reused from year to year. Private buyers can also purchase commercial tents.

Set the Location Early in the Planning

Location matters when it comes to a graduation party or any other formal celebration. Parties could be held on school grounds, in a family’s yard for private parties, or at a public space, depending on local rules. Commercial tent suppliers can provide tents that are suited to any location. The key is to choose one and confirm it early.

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No matter where the event will be held, keep a few things in mind:

  • There should be access to facilities like restrooms for guests. If there are no available facilities, temporary restrooms may need to be brought onto the site.
  • The electrical hookup should be confirmed early. If there’s no viable electrical hookup at the venue, generators can be used.
  • Make sure there’s ample parking available for guests. Consider providing a map and parking directions in advance.

By scouting for and confirming a location early, it will be easier to plan the rest of the occasion without any uncertainty hanging over it.

Send Invitations Early and ask for an RSVP

Send party invitations out as early as possible. This should be no later than six weeks before the event. Some larger events ask for RSVP from invitees at least two months in advance. By asking potential guests to RSVP, it will become much easier to plan around things like the size of the venue, the amount of catering that is needed, seating, and entertainment, etc.

The earlier the invitations are sent, the smoother the party planning will go.

Create a Space for Entertainment

Awards and speech ceremonies are common at graduation parties, including both high school and college graduation parties. Make sure that there is ample space at the venue for the formal event as well as any entertainment after. Dance floors, DJ booths, and stages can be accommodated by large tents.

The best commercial tent suppliers offer designs with plenty of floor area. There are often options for customizing tents with wall panels, doors, and bracing systems to resist inclement weather. Some commercial tent manufacturers even make tents that can be expanded lengthways with additional sections.

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Organizations like schools and clubs will benefit from buying commercial event tents because they can be repurposed for any occasion, with enough space for entertainment, dining, and any other activity.

Stuck for Décor Ideas? Try Using School Colors

Planning the décor for a graduation party can be challenging. For high school graduations, it’s easier to simply decorate the tent in the traditional school colors, or even the school’s sports team colors. College graduation events often follow this simple strategy, too.

Or, planners can consult with students to come up with a décor plan. This will keep students feeling involved in their own celebration, which can make it more rewarding.

Try to stick with two or three main colors for the event. This will prevent the venue from becoming garish or visually confusing. Commercial tent manufacturers produce event tents in white vinyl. This creates the perfect neutral backdrop to add color inside with curtains, ribbons, and colored table settings.

If Purchasing a Tent, Get it From a Reputable Commercial Tent Manufacturer

Celebrations like graduation parties, weddings, family reunions, etc. all have a few things in common. One of these things is that they are frequently held inside commercial frame tents.

Tents create the perfect venues, no matter the location. They can be set up on school grounds, at public parks, at event locations for hire, and private residential properties.

Schools can invest in commercial frame tents that will last for many years when hosting graduation parties. The tents can also be used for sports events and other special school occasions. Even families can invest in tents for use at home, especially considering that a quality tent can be reused for special occasions in the years to come.

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Choose a tent that is large enough for the event and that comes from a reputable manufacturer. Buying a high-quality tent from a trusted company will come with peace of mind knowing that it stands up to the highest design and overall quality standards.

Economy Tent International is a leading manufacturer of competitively priced commercial tents that are perfect for graduation parties and other events. For the summer, the versatile Classic Plus™ frame system is ideal with its modularity and open design. Plenty of ventilation, stability, and a high-quality esthetic will make any event a hit with everyone who attends.

Follow our tips for successful graduation parties and make one of life’s greatest milestones even more special this summer.