Tension or High Peak Pole Tents

water resistant canopy tent Tents are an absolute necessity for weatherproofing your outdoor event. As a tent rental company or an event hosting company, including a stock of tension tents and high peak tents, there are many benefits to using these types of frame tents for your business.

Are Frame Tents Important For Your Event?

Besides providing protection against the sometimes unpredictable elements of the weather, party tents serve a myriad of other purposes. But in this article, we’re going to focus only on the characteristics that are shared between a high-peak pole tent and a tension tent.

Climate Control

Climate control is the largest benefit that accrues from hosting an outdoor event in a frame tent. The canopy or the party tent tops and side walls your guests and your equipment from rainfall, wind, and excessive sunshine.

Natural Cooling

outdoor high peak tent

The air circulation within the party tents also provides natural cooling and brings down the outdoor temperature to one that is comfortable.

Aesthetic Appeal

The other important role that tents play in outdoor events is the presentation. Tension tents and high peak pole tents have different design parameters that enable them to also bring out different presentations.

What Exactly Is The Difference Between The Two?

Tension tents and high peak pole tents differ in their designs, but both types of party tents have unique features that enable them to serve the needs of your outdoor event.

Tension tent

Tension tent

The tension tent is very much similar to the traditional pole tent. This tent is supported by one or more center poles of the same height.

Has one or two peaks

So if it has one center pole, it will have one peak. If it has two center poles then it will have two peaks.

Shorter vertical poles

The perimeter of the tension tent consists of shorter vertical poles. These shorter vertical poles are at the edge of the tent and are secured to the ground by ropes or belt that are anchored to stakes driven into the ground.

Tensioned ropes or belts for support

These ropes are tensioned or tightened to stabilize the entire tent. This is where the name tension tent comes from.

Can be set up on most types of surfaces

Provided that the management of the grounds allows it, tension tents can be set up on a variety of different surfaces. They can be set up on grass or harder surfaces like concrete. You may need to drive several additional stakes to the ground but it is not always required.

Versatile tent for all types of event

Tension tents are an ideal and popular choice for weddings and high-end parties. They provide a glamorous outlook to your event mostly because of the graceful way in which the fabric tent cover slopes from the peak to the side.

High Peak pole tent

High peak tent

High-peak pole tents also share a lot of similarities with traditional pole tents.

Steep slopes

A key distinguishing factor for high-peak tents is that they have steeper slopes than the standard pole tent. It is a type of frame tent that is perfect for bigger parties.

The peak of the pole is higher

The larger clearance from the peak of the pole tent to the ground means that these tents are ideal when a large clearance to the ceiling is required.

The scenarios where this additional height is important to include the following.

Perfect for hosting large parties

When you are hosting an event for a very large group of people, having a high-peak pole tent that has high ground clearance is essential. A high peak pole tent is exactly what you need.

Better air circulation

One of the biggest issues is air circulation for tents. The larger the ground-to-ceiling clearance, the better the air circulation will be in the structure. So high peak tents are very useful as temporary structures for hosting a massive number of guests.

Can support all kinds of party tents accessories

The large ground-to-ceiling clearance also comes in handy when the tent will hold large pieces of equipment. So for events where large-screen displays will be used then these tents are ideal. You can also put all kinds of tent accessories inside pole tents.

Not as stable due to large surface area

There is a disadvantage to this high peak. The stability of the structure is compromised under very strong winds. By Nature, shorter structures are more stable than taller structures.

Selecting The Perfect Tent

high peak pole tent top

Whether you are pleased with tension tents or high-peak tents, it is important to have a decision-making criterion. Select frame tents from a supplier who is highly reputable in providing good quality tents and can provide good support for their customers.

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So whether you want a quality tension tent or a high-peak pole tent, we can provide assistance for you. We also have a sign-in information email if you want to receive our newsletter.