What size tent for 150 guests” is one of the most popular questions any tent buyers have when buying their own tent.

What total size of tent do I need is one of the most important things you will do when renting or purchasing commercial frame or pole tents. Economy Tent International is an Anchor Company that produces affordable yet high-end tents for commercial events, parties, trade shows, and more. If you need a temporary structure tent, we’ve got solutions that exceed industry standards.

To help you in your search for the highest quality tents available today for commercial or private use, you can follow our tips on tent sizing, layouts, cooling, and more.

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What Size Tent For 150 Guests? 30 Foot Wide and 40 Foot Wide Tents

classic plus tentThe majority of mid and large-sized private and commercial events can be held in 30 foot wide and 40 foot wide tents. The Economy Tent Classic Plus™ frame system is a popular option that is purchased by events managers, hire companies and commercial businesses that regularly host outdoor events.

Being able to fit all your guests within the temporary structure will be key to a successful event. You can use the below guide as a baseline as you plan for your next special day.

  • 30’ x 30’ is a popular 30 foot wide size for medium events. This tent provides 900 sq. ft. of covered space. Most layouts will accommodate 150 guests standing, 113 guests in a buffet configuration, and 90 guests with seating and cocktail tables, and even round tables. A cathedral style setup, presentation layout with rowed seating, and similar setups could accommodate up to 150 guests.
  • 40’ x 40’ is another popular option, used with 40 foot wide This dramatically increases the space with 1600 sq. ft. of covered interior. This would be suitable for up to 267 guests standing, 200 guests in a buffet configuration, and 160 guests with seating and tables. Cathedral style row seating will typically accommodate up to 267 guests.
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Mid extensions are available for 30 foot and 40 foot wide tents, so it’s possible to increase the interior space to provide more space for seating, buffet tables, or even entertainment areas like a stage or dance floor, or just additional floor space.

Your exact configuration will be highly dependent on the furniture and equipment that you want inside the tent for your next event. You can talk to the experts at Economy Tent for further guidance on your size tent, no matter what you have in mind.

Calculating Sizing Based on Guest Numbers and Furniture Items

No matter what kind of frame tent you are considering on the day, you can use some very simple figures to calculate your total sizing requirements. This will allow you to choose the most efficient tent, whether it’s a smaller 30 foot wide party tent, or a massive 40 x 100 wedding tent.

Simply add the space requirements of guests, furniture, and accessories, and then compare the total figure to the floor space that is available in your chosen tent.

  • A typical standing-only event or cathedral layout requires 6 sq. ft. of space per person.
  • A cocktail event with standing tables requires 7 sq. ft. of space per person.
  • A buffet dinner with banquet tables requires 8 sq. ft. per person.
  • A traditional dinner layout with large 8’ tables requires 12 sq. ft. per person.

Items like tables, dance floors, stages, speakers, mixers, DJ booths, and other equipment can have varying space requirements. Check with vendors or consult your operator’s manual for the equipment you already own to find specific dimensions. If you will be hiring interior equipment and furniture for your event, the rental company should be able to provide detailed dimensions.

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Ideally, you don’t want to cram all the guests into a tent with little room to move. This impacts comfort and can also pose a safety risk. For example, if you were to calculate that your space requirements were dead on 900 sq. ft., it would make sense to move up to a 30’ x 40’ tent that offers 1,200 sq. ft. of space.

 The extra room would make a huge difference and could help to make your next event a success.

Other Things to Consider When Purchasing or Hiring a Commercial Event Tent

more filters and affordable pricesSize is just one aspect of planning the perfect event. There are other key considerations to be made well in advance.

  • If you will provide catering service, you may need a secondary tent for staff, cooking equipment, food and beverage storage, and miscellaneous storage. Most mid to large-sized events will be suited to a 10’ x 10’ catering tent.
  • What kind of event are you hosting? For corporate parties, trade events, and even private parties and reunions, a traditional low peak cover could suit. However, you may want to choose a high peak style for more glamorous events. An attractive high peak would look amazing with a 40 x 100 wedding tent.
  • If you will enclose your tent with optional walls, make sure you take ventilation into account. Frame-mounted fans are available. For even better climate control, portable air conditioners, and evaporative coolers can also be used. Be sure to include the floor dimensions of any ventilation equipment when you size your tent.
  • Consider a clear vinyl cover if you will be hosting a high-end evening event. This can improve the perception of space and make even a relatively compact 30 foot wide tent feel much larger. Best of all, on a clear evening, the rooftop will reveal a canopy of stars, creating lasting memories for all guests in attendance.
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. Consider practicality, guest comfort, and space requirements. The more you look ahead, the better prepared you will be to leave a positive impression on every guest.

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