One of the top priorities, when you’re planning to organize an outdoor event, is the event security and safety. Outdoor events cover large tracts of land making it difficult to control the movement of crowds and handle emergencies whether natural or man-made. Event security is all about making all participants in the event including the organizer, attendees, and staff feel confident of their safety and well-being.

In this article, we will look at some of the procedures you need to undertake to enable you to provide better event security.

Assessing the venue

The venue where you decide to pitch your Trio tent plays a key role in event security. Event planners need to carefully evaluate proposed venues before selecting one that is most suitable for hosting the event. The gradient of the land should be uniform and not too steep which would make the trio tent unstable. Event organizers should also have a site plan document available to all staff on the site. The site plan will include among other things the locations of the structures, entry and exit points, and location of emergency equipment.

The venue should also be accessible through well-serviced roads that allow quick access of emergency response teams in case they’re required.

Risk assessment

Event organizers should evaluate the foreseeable risks that might impact the event. From the selection of the venue to the type of trio tent, here are some of the risks that event organizers should be aware of

Electrical equipment should be installed by qualified electricians to prevent any risks of short circuits that might lead to electrocution and electrical fires. Electrical cables should be run in conduit or at the height of the trio tent roof to prevent tripping or tempting children to tug at the power cables.

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The venue should be large enough to accommodate the anticipated crowd size including an additional buffer. A large venue will reduce the risks associated with overcrowding like stampeding, heatstroke, and exhaustion.

Event organizers should take the weather into consideration because it will definitely impact on the event of the security. Trio tents should not be pitched in weather conditions that exceed the design parameters.

Event organizers should also be wary of fire hazards. It would also be ideal to ensure that the tent cover material is made of fire-resistant material. The trio tent covers from Economy Tent are UV treated and flame retardant to meet the specifications of the State Fire Marshall.

Event organizing staff should also be trained on how to safely set up and take down trio tents while being careful not to risk injury to crewmates and non-staff.

Setting up a perimeter

The size of the venue and the size of your trio tent should allow adequate space to set up a buffer between the event and its surroundings. Perimeters are crucial in crowd control and managing crowd movement. With a perimeter, you can determine who enters or leaves your trio tent. They are also very useful in preventing children from wandering off and getting lost.

The site layout

Event organizers should prepare a staff layout plan to ensure that all staff members are thoroughly briefed on this layout. Site layouts are not only important for large events but also apply to medium- and small-sized events as well.

The layout will indicate the location of trio tents and access roads to get the crowd in case of emergencies like fires or medical cases.

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With a well-documented staff plan, emergency cases can be handled efficiently with minimal risk of crowd panic.

Medical assistance

The ability to respond to medical emergencies for attendees and staff posted in your trio tent is crucial for event security. Accessibility of emergency response teams particularly in large events is very important. Emergencies can be major or minor including things like dehydration, fatigue, excessive intoxication, etc. can be handled if you have a medical team nearby or if your venue was suitably located close to an emergency center or hospital.

Emergency plan

Even with all your planning, it is always important to consider scenarios where something goes wrong. You can do this by carrying out an adequate risk assessment to determine potential risks and develop a contingency plan for these risks.

Your trio tent should have particularly large entry and exit points that are clearly marked in case there’s a need for an emergency exit.