In the market for a commercial tent for your event? There’s a lot to choose from, so you need to choose carefully to get the right one for you. How is it possible though, when there’s so many different commercial tents available to you? If you don’t know where to start, use this practical guide to help you work out which tent is the best for you.

Rent Or Buy a commercial tent?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to rent or buy your tent. This is a fairly simple question to answer. For most people, they’ll just want to rent a tent. It makes the most sense if you’re only using it for a one off event, such as a wedding. It’s also the better option if you want to hire a team to come and put the tent up for you, rather than having to put it up yourself.

On the other hand, there’s often a lot of good reasons to buy your own party tent. If you intend for your event to be a recurring thing, then having the tent to hand will save you time and money in the long run. You’ll be able to put it up whenever you need it. Once you’ve put together the tent that works for you, it’s better to have to rather than look to rent the same thing, every time you need it.

Tent Styles To Choose From

If you need a tent, you’ll see that there are two main styles that you can choose from. These are frame tents and pole tents. Which is best for you?

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It very much depends on your needs. Let’s look at the pole tent first. They’re popular commercial tents for sale, as they look stunning when put up. They have a swooping, majestic look to them, something that looks great in wedding photos, for example. These are held up by central poles inside the tent, and these are what will decide whether you want this tent or not. If the tent will be an obstruction, for example if all your guests will need to be able to see one end of the tent, then you’ll need to look at other options.

Also be aware that pole tents need to be staked down. This is what keeps them stable, so they need to be placed on grassy ground. If that’s where you’re planning to put your tent, then you’re in luck.

The other tent style is the frame tent. These tents are held up by a frame rather than poles, and so can be placed pretty much anywhere. If you want to place it on a hard surface, such as concrete, then you’ll need to weigh the tent down rather than stake it.

The other benefit is that they have a clear space throughout the whole tent. There’s no worrying about obstructions, which makes a lot more sense if you need to plan out the inside of the tent prior to your event happening.


Sizing Up Your Tent

You’ll need to know how big your tent needs to be before you order it. The size you need depends on two factors. Firstly, you need to know how large your space is, where you want to place your tent. Will it be big enough for you to put a tent in? Remember that you’ll need room for guide lines too, if you’re staking the tent down.

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Next, you need to think about how many people your tent can hold. This will be the biggest decider in how large your tent will be. To calculate how large the tent needs to be, give each guest that you’re expecting around 10 square feet of space. However, you need to remember that you’ll need extra space for tables, stages, DJ booths, or whatever else you’ll need. Get the measurements for these too, so you can make accurate predictions of how much space you’ll need.


Commercial Tent Materials

The materials you choose when buying your tent are important, so you’ve got to know what your options are. You need to consider the materials of both the frame and the shelter, so which is best?

With the frame, you have the option of either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lighter, so much easier to carry around if needed. However, it is prone to bending if its mistreated. Steel frames are heavier, and prone to rust. However, most steel frames are now treated to prevent rust. Being heavier, it makes the tent sturdier.

When it comes to the shelter, there’s either polyester or vinyl. Polyester is cheaper, and most often used with small pop up tents. If you’re getting a larger tent, you’re more likely to get vinyl. It’s tougher, water resistant, and easier to clean.


Taking Care Of A Tent

If you’re buying a tent, then you’ll need to know how to take care of it before you buy it. Luckily, it’s quite easy to take care of a tent once you know how. Firstly, you must always read the manufacturer’s instructions that the commercial tent manufacturer includes with it. This will help you put up and bring down the tent correctly, avoiding any damage.

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If you find any rips in the vinyl, you can use liquid vinyl to repair them before they get bigger. Washing the vinyl is key, too. Washing, rinsing, and allowing it to dry will drastically prolong it’s lifespan. To store your tent, roll up the fabric rather than folding, and store it in a dry place for the next time you need it. It’s not too difficult to take care of the tent, and when you do you’ll be able to use it for years.

With these points in mind, you’ll be able to pick out just the right tent for your party or event. Pick out a tent that’s the right size, style, and type for your needs, and your event will go off without a hitch.