Camping outdoors with family and friends is a favorite pastime for many of our clients especially during the warmer seasons of the year like during the summer. It is a great way to bond and relax while you and your friends and family connect with nature.

The very essence of camping requires that you provide a suitable form of shelter for resting and sleeping in while you are in the outdoors. Traditional tents are a very popular form of shelter during camping.

Modern tents like the trio tent are designed to be an adequate replacement for the kind of shelter and protection that you would get from your brick-and-mortar home.

The trio tent series is designed to be very portable and versatile enough for you to comfortably transport it in your truck and set it up at the location you want to camp in.

You definitely want a form of shelter that is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall without collapsing under the weight of precipitation, snow, and gale-force winds.

The trio tent is engineered and load tested for wind speeds of up to 75 miles per hour so you can rest assured that it will stay put even under the strain of very strong winds.

Some camping locations require that you carry your gear for considerable distances from where you park your truck or vehicle. When selecting a camping tent, we strongly recommend the Trio tent series because the frame of this tent is made from very strong yet light anodized aluminum that will reduce the strain of transporting the gear and also the nature of the metal resists corrosion and is ideal for use in the outdoors where it will be subjected to conditions like precipitation that would normally corrode frames that are made from other materials.

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What to consider when selecting a camping tent

The size of the tent

When ordering your trio tent from your tent supplier, you should note that it should provide you with more comfort than what is just required to provide shelter. There should be adequate legroom for the people under the tent to stretch, sit, and sleep comfortably and even cook under the shelter of the tent if the tent specifications allow for this kind of activity.

Trio tents are available in standard dimensions that take into consideration the fact that you need to be able to stand in the tent and move comfortably in it. Another benefit of trio tents is that you can order additional accessories such as windows that allow you to control the temperature of the tent by opening or closing them as the situation requires.

Resistance to inclement weather

The camping tent that you choose should be strong enough to keep you comfortable in your tent even under very bad weather conditions. Key aspects to look out for include the strength of the frame because this is basically what holds the entire structure together. Trio tents are made from very strong aluminum that can withstand very strong winds.

You should also consider adding additional anchoring to keep your tent from falling over under the force of strong winds.


camp tentDurability is another factor to consider when shopping for a camping tent. Because the investment in a camping tent is quite significant, you want to purchase a product that will provide you with a long life of service before it requires any maintenance or replacement. The quality of the workmanship that goes into the tent plays a key role in how long it will last.

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The quality of the frame and the canopy will also determine how long your camping tent will serve you.

Ease of setup

You want to purchase a camping tent that is considerably easy to set up and take down while you are at your camping site. The design of the camping tent should be such that assembling it should not be a complicated process. One way in which established tent manufacturers have eased the setup and takedown process of camping tents is by providing the poles of the frame of the tent with color-coded caps so that it is easy to identify the ends that need to be interconnected.

The type of tent

Camping tents can be categorized according to season indices. This means that tents are designed with specific seasons of the year in mind. The four-season tent is suitable for all year round use including winter when it’s snowing. The three-season tent is not as sturdy as the four-season tent and cannot be used during heavy snow are violent storms accompanied by strong winds and heavy precipitation. The two-season tent is the most common and is designed for use during the spring and summer.

The color of the canopy

The color of the canopy plays a key role in how easy it is to identify your camping tent and separated from the surrounding environment. In some cases, you will require a brightly-colored trio tent if you want to be visible. So if you’re camping during the winter and it is snowing then it is advisable to select a canopy made of bright colors like orange and yellow so that it is easy to spot your structure. Being visible makes it easier for first responders to spot your structure in case you’re struck by an emergency.

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The number of people

The square footage of the camping tent you want to purchase should be adequate enough for the number of people you want to host in it. Always select a size that is slightly more than you need so that everyone is comfortable in the tent with enough wiggle room and elbow room and also storage space, for example, a 4 person tent will be more comfortable for two people because it will also provide you with space to stretch out your legs and store your gear as well.

Trio tent suppliers provide a chart that indicates tent dimensions that match with a certain number of people to be hosted under the tent.