The right location is critical to the success of any event. For event planners, turning any location into a real venue will make the difference between success and failure. There are many solutions available on the market today, from compact marquees to medium sized 30 foot wide tents and even larger.

If you want an inventory that brings new customers and ensures a long term return on your investment, you’ll need to consider some of the most popular tents today. The following three commercial tents can allow you to turn any idyllic location into the perfect event venue.

XP Series Tents for Flexible Modularity

Looking for a small and modular system for your events? XP Series commercial tents are designed for demanding customers who need sun shade and rain protection with unrivaled portability and ease of use. The impressive peaks are a staple of the XP design and make these tents especially well suited to sports events, commercial shows, and weddings or other high-end events.

XP tents require no tools for assembly, making them perfect for DIY use. They feature a flying center pole that keeps the interior open. Being able to make use of the complete footprint is a real bonus of the XP Series. Rental and event companies can maximize returns with these smaller tents. End-users will also enjoy the user-friendly design.

A variety of top colors and striped patterns are available, with full UV protection to ensure that these tents keep on looking great for years to come.

Economy Marquees for Entryways and Extensions


The Economy Marquee has been designed to offer you flexibility when connecting tents, designing walkways, or adding smaller coverage areas for concessions and catering.

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These marquees are available in 6 foot, 9 foot, and 10-foot widths. The varying sizes allow you to order exactly what you need to meet the demands of your valued customers. They’re compatible with the Economy Tent TRIO® frame system but are flexible enough to be used with commercial tents from any manufacturer.

If you are creating complex outdoor venues, then marquees will be essential. They provide protection from sun and rain between larger tents. They can also allow for elaborate designs that wouldn’t be available when using frame or tension tents alone.

Marquee hardware is made from marine grade aluminum to ensure durability and a long return on your investment. Covers are high-quality blackout vinyl which has been UV treated to protect against long term sun exposure. Electronically welded cover seams will ensure your tents stand up to the harshest operating conditions.

Economy Classic Plus 30 Foot Wide Tents

commercial tentsLooking for something that is larger and highly versatile? Classic Plus tents from Economy Tent are designed to provide maximum coverage at large events. The system provides an unobstructed interior that is ideal for weddings, outdoor entertainment at festivals and concerts, and these tents can also be used for trade shows or commercial events.

Available in 30 foot wide and 40-foot wide tent specifications, the system can be expanded beyond 100 foot in length. This makes these tents ideal for companies that want to provide the most flexible system that would suit a wide range of end users.

Classic Plus tents are available with standard tops or elegant high peak tops. High peaks are ideal for exclusive events and weddings etc. where aesthetic matters. The tops are available in both black-out vinyl or clear SkyLite™ vinyl that allows for a breathtaking canopy. Whether using these tents for daytime or evening events, there’s a solution to fit.

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A snap button assembly is designed to never fail and reduces installation and tear down time. Flexibility, durability, and standout look help to make Classic Plus tents some of the best on the market today. Order in configurations up to 40 x 100 tents for the largest crowds.

Buying Commercial Tents Online

Whether you’re looking for a 30-foot wide tent or something much larger for weddings and corporate events, you’ll find compelling options at Economy Tent. Engineered by Anchor Industries for durability and ease of use, these tents will help you to grow your business and impress your customers.

Explore commercial tents available to order online and make an investment in your future.