Economy Tent International (ETI) is an industry leader in commercial tents and marquee covers. As an Anchor Industries company, we offer a wide array of tents for all social – business – corporate functions in Miami. This includes our signature line of Trio Tents, Classic Tents, XP Series Tents, and durable and sturdy large marquee covers. Whether for product launches, outdoor banquets, team-building events or family gatherings, ETI has the perfect tent and/or marquee solution for all your events. In fact, these units are comprised of durable, weather-resistant and lasting materials for year-round use.

With quality craftsmanship, we showcase tents of all sizes, shapes, color, and designs. Similarly, our highly-dedicated team offers valuable tips on keeping your tents fully functional and in shape year round. Here are some of the top tents we feature at ETI for your convenience.

30 Foot Wide Tent

Wide TentThe 30-foot wide tent is designed to facilitate all your outdoor events and functions. This highly mobile, durable and sturdy tent is perfect for product launches, brunches, team-building events, and even weddings and receptions. Available in both 30 and 40 widths for optimal convenience, this unit can even expand up to 100 feet in length. With the 30 x 100 tent, here are some of the essentials you get with your purchase or rental:

  • The Classic Plus Economy Tent Frame System can withstand gusty winds up to 75 mph.
  • This tent provides unobstructed views and covered areas for optimal safety and comfort for all guests and attendees.
  • This tent can be expanded up to 100 feet in length, and available in 30 or 40 widths for maximum space allocation.
  • 30’ High-Peak style.
  • Cross-brace systems available for 30 and 40 tents.
  • Snap button assembly, adjustable leg height, steel fittings, durable tubing, and Kentucky Tent Model approved.
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40 Foot Wide Tent

Wide TentThe 40-foot wide tent cover is perfect for outdoor weddings and receptions. However, to ensure longevity and performance year round – there are ways to keep your tents and covers in great shape. For one, these units should be removed and safely stored when no longer in use. This, of course, only applies to tents and covers that you have purchased from ETI. Our team will take care of any rentals with complete disassembly and transport for your convenience.

It is also not advised to install these tents or covers during inclement or threatening weather conditions. Similarly, make sure the stakes for tent frames are not damaged and all buckles are fully fastened for optimal performance. With proper alignments and adjustments, you can preserve the life of your tent or cover for years to come. Here are some more perks of the Classic Plus 40:

  • High-quality, cost-affordable and versatile tent for large and all sized outdoor events.
  • Patented frame systems, covers, and engineered frame construction for weather and rain protection.
  • The Classic Plus 40 can be expanded to 100 feet in length.
  • Stainless steel buckles for rust-free fastening and lacquer coated vinyl for faster and easier cleaning. This ensures longevity for your tents and all year-round business or family functions.
  • You get double reinforced straps for better strength and durability.
  • This tent is large enough to facilitate crowds for outdoor and/or indoor large space events; trade shows, exhibitions, breakfast – brunch – lunch, promotional events, team-building, corporate banquets, family reunions, weddings, receptions, and all gala events.
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The ETI Guarantee

Whether in the market for large tents, marquees – frame tents or pole tents, ETI truly offers the best covers for all sized events. All units have passed stringent testing for high-end quality and use. From business to family functions in Miami, we guarantee the best tents – at the best prices – for all your outdoor gatherings and socials. Simply browse our website to learn more about the many tents, covers, and accessories we offer.

For more information on year-round tents and covers, simply contact ETI today or visit our website.