Economy Tent International (ETI) is your source for the best in Trio Tents for all outdoor occasions. As an Anchor Company, ETI remains committed to excellence in manufacturing sturdy, durable and user-friendly tents. Whether for team-building events, corporate brunches, or outdoor socials, these versatile tents keep your attendees cool and comfortable. In fact, these units are designed to withstand gusty winds, as well as harmful UV rays stemming from the sun. With three stylish designs to choose from, you get maximum performance and ROI for Traditional Tents High-Peak Tents and Tension Tents.

Trio Frame System

The Trio Frame System is designed to withstand winds up to 75 mph. These tents are also Kentucky Tent Model Approved and feature fail-safe steel snap button assemblies for optimal convenience. With 6005 T – 6 anodized marine aluminum; you get 1/8” wall thickness with exclusive alignment line. The System has a 1 ¾” outside diameter, as well as an adjustable leg height from 6’ 6” – 8’. The leg telescope is down to 5’ for easy installation of tent covers and other accessories. Here are some more essentials of our signature Trio Frame System:

  • Cover pitches for the Trio are 10’ wide – 2’ 6”, 15’ wide – 3’ 9”, and 20’ wide – 5’. You can add a center mast for height for High-Peak style cover pitches.
  • Additional cross-brace systems are also available for any size Trio frame.
  • Ratchets, ropes, and stakes are sold separately at ETI.

Extend the Life of your Tents

Trio Tents are designed to secure maximum coverage for all types of outdoor events. ETI also manufactures these tents to ensure little to no hindrance in viewing. With wind and UV ray protection, your guests will stay cool in the shade all day long. Whether for outdoor parties, weddings, receptions, lunches or product launches, you can rely on us for cost-affordable tents for any occasion. In fact, these tents make the perfect addition to your outdoor marketing and advertising collateral.

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As with any tent, maintenance and cleaning is the key to longevity and performance. At ETI, we are committed to helping you maintain and preserve your tents. After all, these units will deliver unsurpassed results with the right upkeep and care. Here are some essentials to keep in mind for extending the life of your tents:

  • Trio TentTrio hardware components require cleaning and proper storage to maintain maximum life span.
  • Each Trio Tent features specialty coatings that help reduce oxidation. However, our anodized aluminum components will get scratched with use over time. This may cause staining to the fabric components that come into contact with the pole. Therefore, avoid any sharp edges that may come into contact with the aluminum frame.
  • Keep the frame hardware components clean and free of dirt and oxidation. We recommend wiping down any dirt, dust, soil or foreign matter to prevent staining and damages to the fabrics. You can use cloth and simply wipe away these stains before they cause un-aesthetically-pleasing visuals.
  • Store your Trio Tent Frame System in a cool, dry, and low-humidity covered place. This will preserve and extend the life of your tent for years to come.
  • If any hardware components get bent, cracked or damaged, notify us right away. We recommend replacing these units at once. Similarly, we offer a full range of web straps, cables, ropes and ratchets to restore maximum tent performance for your outdoor events.

Maintaining your Tent Fabric

The Trio Tent fabric must be maintained like its hardware. We suggest ground cloths, which protect our tent’s fabric from abrasion and soiling. Never drag the tent top unprotected across abrasive services. This prevents pinholes, tears, and scuffs on or within the fabric. We also recommend keeping your fabric clean – at all times – to prevent mildew growth.

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While our vinyl fabric is pre-treated with mildew inhibitors, proper care is still needed to protect your fabric from fungus and mildew growth. Simply wipe the fabric with a clean towel and a diluted soap solution. This will protect your tent’s fabric while keeping it clean, vibrant and aesthetically-pleasing.

For more information on Trio Tents, simply contact us today or visit our website.