Top 5 Tips on Throwing an Awesome Outdoor Party with Trio®Tents

Commercial tents like Trio ®tents make it easier than ever to host outdoor party for any occasion. Used by events companies, sports teams, clubs, schools, businesses, and countless other organizations, Trio® tents provide a long return on investment with some of the best features of any commercial tent.

No matter what type of tent you invest in, whether it’s a traditional tent or a high peak tent, there are some steps that you can follow to ensure that your next event is a success.

Here are the most important tips for throwing an awesome outdoor party for any occasion.

Tip 1 – Select an Amazing Outdoor Space for Trio® Tents

3Trio tents 1 Tents like Trio® commercial tents can transform any outdoor location into an unforgettable party venue. When you choose the right outdoor space, you could make your next party memorable for everyone in attendance.

For some people, this space could be a backyard at home. Some local parks can also be used for private events with the permission of the city government. There are also countless spaces for hire around the U.S., where the locations have additional facilities like bathrooms, power hookups, parking, trash disposal, and more.

To choose the right location, consider the budget first. If the party will be low budget, then a family backyard could be perfect. If the outdoor party is for a wedding, large reunion, or club event, then a commercial venue will make more sense.

Check that the location has all the necessary facilities available. If there are no bathrooms on site, portable solutions can often be hired for a reasonable price.

Make sure that the tent footprint will leave plenty of space between the tent and any nearby structure. For purpose of easy movement, set up, and tear down, it’s recommended to have up to five meters of clearance around every edge of the tent. Some areas will have specific rules to follow surrounding tent placement, so check with the local government first before erecting a tent anywhere on private or public land.

Tip 2 – Make Sure There’s Plenty of Seating

SeatingBuffetTable When planning an event without the assistance of a professional planner or events company, it’s easy to miss some of the basics. A common mistake is that people forget to include enough seating in their tents. Even if there won’t be any formal dining during the party, it’s important to have enough chairs and tables so that guests can rest, sit down for a snack or drink, and converse with other guests.

For a party with a dance floor, considering using the cocktail layout with small high tables and high chairs. This will take up the least amount of floor space, allowing for the right combination of seating and open space for socializing.

Events with formal dining can use banquet tables and chairs to maximize the use of the covered space inside of the tent.

Tip 3 – Hire a Professional Caterer

Food and drinks are important for awesome outdoor parties. While it can be tempting to plan all of this on your own, it is actually less stressful and sometimes more affordable to hire a professional caterer. There are different levels of catering service available depending on your unique needs and your budget.

  • A basic catering service will take care of the food that is prepared for you and delivered to the site. You’ll take care of plating and serving on your own.
  • Catering services can include wait staff in most major cities and larger towns. Food and drinks will be prepared, delivered to the site, and preparation/serving will be performed by the wait staff.
  • A complete catering package will usually include the food and drinks, wait staff, and equipment to store, serve, or cook the food on site. Some services include bars and bar staff. The most comprehensive services sometimes come with chair and table rental.

Check local listings to find a service that you can afford. It’s much easier to have the catering prepared by professionals and you’ll avoid the hassle of having to source your own ingredients and prepare all the food and drinks on the big day.

Trio® tents are ideal for parties with professional catering.

Tip 4 – Choose the Right Entertainment

Entertainment is key to an unforgettably awesome outdoor party. Most parties have music as the primary source of entertainment, but the beauty of planning a party is that you can choose any type of entertainment that you prefer.

Music with a live DJ and dance floor would be ideal for weddings, reunions, proms, debuts, and other parties where couple’s entertainment is needed.

Other options include:

  • A live band.
  • A comedian, variety show, or magic show (perfect for all-age parties).
  • DIY music with a jukebox.

Whatever type of entertainment you choose, make sure that you book the entertainer and the equipment at least two weeks in advance so that everything is ready to go on the day.

Tip 5 – Think About Lighting and Cooling

Whether considering traditional tents, high peak tents, or any other design, the tent can become hot once all of the guests are inside. If the tent has walls, you will need plenty of ventilation. This can be achieved with standing fans, evaporative coolers, or portable air conditioners. Even in mild climates, it’s important to have plenty of ventilation so that guests stay cool and comfortable.

Lighting is also important. It should be there for safety as well as atmosphere. Special stage lighting can be hired for the main stage or podium, and the dance floor. Many home-planned parties use simple fairy lights and other hanging lights to create the right atmosphere.

If you’re unsure of what to get, hire a professional planner to coordinate lighting, ventilation, and all other aspects of a successful outdoor party.

Have More Fun with Reliable Traditional Tents and High Peak Tents

With some planning and a great commercial tent, you could plan the perfect outdoor party for any occasion. Reliable tents give you one less thing to worry about. The best events planners insist on models like Trio® traditional and high peak commercial tents from Economy Tent International.