Types of Commercial Tent Lights to Beautify Your Night Event

Commercial tents are gaining traction as a functional means of hosting a huge gathering. However, the increase in popularity has compelled us to examine a common issue with a tension tent: how to light them properly to make them more appealing for night events.

If you’re planning a night event, then we urge you to arrange tent lighting to set the mood. You must consider the lights you’ll require for functionality and decoration as well as the lighting that can serve a dual purpose. Here’s a list of lighting options to consider.

LED Candles pexels nathan cowley 1128784

As great as they look, you can’t use real candles in a traditional tent because they can pose a fire hazard. Even if you’re cautious, we can’t be certain that they won’t be a source of damage. If you desire the appearance of flickering candles, it’s possible to attain it.

We recommend LED candles to give you the feel and look of real candles without being hazardous. We find that contemporary LED candles flicker realistically, so you wouldn’t even tell the difference. They function well in lanterns and tea light holders, so be creative with them.

We recommend their use when lining walkways and on tables. The best part is that they’re safe, so we’re certain you can have them virtually anywhere.

Bistro Lights

These lights offer a timeless and classic option. You’ll discover there’s nothing like a soft glow to illuminate our rental high peak tent. Whether it’s beneath a tent’s canopy or a ceiling, these bulbs add elegance to your event.

You simply need to string them around the perimeter, gather the strings into the center, or zig-zag above the event space. You’ll discover the endless possibilities and the best part is that it can accommodate any budget.


Being outdoors doesn’t imply that you can’t have some glamour at your event. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception or party in our hired tension tent, suspended chandeliers from the roof can add some luxury if you want to create a memorable event.

If you want chandeliers, make sure the tent you rent can accommodate their weight. We recommend you consult our staff who will suggest a suitable tent for your needs.

Globe Lights

The balls you string on trees or around your home can function just as well to fill our rental high peak tent with lights. We recommend you purchase or simply make them depending on the amount of time you have. These lighting options can equally double as decorations when it’s not dark enough to perceive the lights.

Tent Washes

If you’re seeking tent lights that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, this option is ideal. For a spectacular effect, indirect light is a good option. We find that the dramatic effects of lights falling on the traditional tent in different shapes from the side will keep your guests engaged. If you want to leave your guests impressed with the attention to detail, the lighting option is ideal.

Tent lights can emerge from the sides going upward and overhead. This can work for the press and corporate events where it’s necessary to make a lasting impression.

String Lights


The set of lights is affordable and permits you to produce all types of looks in our traditional tent.     We recommend you string them along the roof to produce the appearance of a star-studded sky or around tables.

Alternatively, you could wrap them around the poles maintaining the tent up and converting them into a feature while increasing their visibility for safety. You’ll be amazed at what you could do with a set of string lights. We recommend battery-powered options as the best because you can position them anywhere without worrying about where to plug them.

Bottle Lights

These lights will look great anywhere in a rental high peak tent. You simply need to purchase bottle lights online. They’re simply a set of LED lights that are joined to a plastic cork, which accommodates the batteries.

When you turn them on, you’ll notice they’ll look like a bottle with fireflies. The lighting option offers a stunning and simple effect. It’s an opportunity to hang empty bottles that have no use. Just make sure you opt for LED lights because other kinds will become too hot and could result in the exploded glass.


You might be tempted to use gas lamps for authenticity, but it might not be the most realistic idea for a tented event. To begin with, it could become hot in the immediate vicinity. Also, gas could run out before the event is over.

Lastly, it’s costly to purchase what you require and probably difficult to find, particularly to rent. Nonetheless, you could still achieve the lantern effect by using LED lanterns.

Watt Lighting

We find these lights mostly around a tent’s inside perimeter to brighten it up. They resemble white light bulbs and you need to string them together using a white cord. Based on the tent size, you can use watt lighting functionally or for decoration purposes.


The luminous choice for a tent’s exterior uses paper bags or particular containers with a battery or flame-operated tea light positioned inside. When the tea light goes on, the bag will glow. They can outline areas with high traffic outside your tent, meeting your decorative and functional needs.

Sparkle Balls

This lighting option works well for occasions where you require funky lights. We’ve seen these lights add a sense of coolness to the entire scene and make an event comfortable for everybody. While they won’t be as chic as candle lights or lanterns, they’ll make your high peak tent colorful and bright.

Tent lights are diverse and determining the best ones can prove challenging if you’re new to them. To purchase the best option for your event, select an option and perform research. Determine the characteristics you seek and select lights that match most of your desired features. You’re welcome to seek our expert advice to make sure you make the right choice.