A 30 foot wide commercial tent can provide years of returns either through income or general usage that helps you to grow your business. Commercial tents are used by hiring companies, events companies, and businesses of all shapes and sizes to support their commercial interests.

While a tent can be an asset when it’s in good serviceable condition, a time will come when a replacement is needed. The service life of a tent can vary depending on the model, how it has been maintained, and how it has been used.

The best way to determine if it’s time to upgrade or replace your 30 foot wide commercial tent is by asking the following questions.

Is the Cover of Your 30 Foot Wide Tent Showing Signs of Wear?

If you’ve invested in a longer commercial tent, like a 40 x 100 frame, then the cover may be made up of sectional pieces. Inspect all aspects of the cover to look for signs of wear, discoloration, or any thinning of the material that could indicate a hole or tear is imminent.

Durable 30 foot wide tent covers can last for years, especially when properly maintained, but they won’t last forever. Even the best covers from Economy Tent International will eventually need to be replaced.

If you can identify signs of damage or deterioration on the cover, then it’s time to replace it, especially if it’s an older model with outdated hardware and design.

Are Clear Sections No Longer Clear?

Clear vinyl sections often show visible damage before their opaque counterparts. The polished surface of clear vinyl can be damaged by abrasive materials, improper cleaning techniques, or simple wear and tear over time. When clear sections are no longer as transparent as they once were, it’s time to consider upgrading your 30 foot wide tent.

  • Clear sections that no longer look clear will diminish the look and appeal of your tent.
  • If you offer a tent for hire with clouded clear sections, your customers will develop a negative perception of your brand.
  • Damaged clear roof, side, and door sections will prevent you from using the backdrop as natural scenery to make any event look and feel special.
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Clear vinyl sections can be replaced but it’s often best to upgrade your entire tent system so that you can benefit from more modern hardware and advanced construction materials.

Is Your Tent Still Big Enough? You Could Upgrade to a 40 x 100 Frame Tent

TentsSize is one of the most important considerations to make when buying a commercial tent. A 30 foot wide offers a standard width profile, with customizable lengths when you choose Economy Tent International.

If your current one is too small and it lacks modular options to extend the length, then it’s time to purchase something that’s better suited to your needs.

Classic economy tents can be configured in large sizes. A 40 x 100 frame could perfectly suit your hire company. If you frequently need to host weddings and other large events, you could choose a 40 x 100 wedding tent.

Is Your Current Tent Showing Signs of Hardware Deterioration?

Tent hardware won’t last forever, especially when lower quality materials are used. The best 40 x 100 frame tents and 40 x 100 wedding tents are made with durable aluminum frames that are relatively lightweight yet resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage.

If your current tent has a frame that is bent or otherwise out of shape, then it will be harder to set up for events and pack it down afterward. Severely damaged frames could pose a safety hazard, putting your clients or guests at risk.

Damaged frames can cause other problems. They could tear or discolor the cover material, making it less than presentable.

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Why deal with all of these problems when you could upgrade your tent today? Economy Tent International offers large tents with durable frames that are presentable and durable. Make the right impression with a commercial one by purchasing from the best manufacturer in the industry.

Is Your Current Tent Struggling in Adverse Weather Conditions?

No matter how much planning goes into an event, there’s always a risk of bad weather on the day. The forecast is never 100% accurate, and it’s easy to get caught out by rain and wind.

Some tents simply aren’t designed to be used in poor weather conditions. Economy Tent International develops tents that can endure even some of the worst wind and rain. Our tents are durable and water-resistant by design. Heavy-duty vinyl coverings and optional wall systems will keep your guests dry and comfortable, even if the weather takes a turn for the unexpected.

In addition to water resistance, our tents are also designed to remain stable under high wind loads. 30 foot wide tents like 40 x 100 frame tents and 40 x 100 wedding tents can withstand wind loads of up to 75 miles per hour. This high wind-resistant rating is standard to our 30 x 30 foot tents. Larger installations with extension sections can be fitted with cross bracing (offered separately) to meet the same rating.

Is Your Solution Flexible and Modular?

One of the most common reasons to upgrade a 30 foot wide tent is because the current solution isn’t flexible for your needs. If you offer tents for hire, manage events with tents provided, or use a tent as part of a larger business, then you need the flexibility to customize the solution for the situation.

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Some tents don’t have the option to add additional sides and extensions. The Classic Plus™ Frame System is different. It’s suited to mid extensions that add length in 10 foot or 20 foot sections, depending on your needs. It’s like owning several tents in one, helping to improve versatility and your bottom line.

Invest in the Best Commercial Tents at Economy Tent International

You’ve likely gained new insights into your needs by considering the questions above. If you can relate to any of the points covered, it’s time for an upgrade. You can replace your tent with Economy Tent International to enjoy the highest quality 40 and 30 foot wide tents. Advanced engineering, reliability, safety, durability, and competitive cost all come together to suit your unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about available configurations, pricing, and the best commercial tent solutions.