Economy Tent International produces commercial tents for sale that combine classic beauty and style with durability and functionality. Events organizers and businesses of all sizes will find exceptional value in our Classic Plus™ range.

Learn about the most popular commercial tent sizes and configurations, and explore our compatible cover styles to get the aesthetic you need for events or your tent rental business.

Popular Sizes Available with our Commercial Tents for sale

The Classic Plus™ commercial tent frame system is designed to be the ideal system for rental companies, event organizers, and businesses that need an in-house commercial tent for special events. Highly customizable for a range of different scenarios, the Classic Plus™ Frame System provides an incredible return on investment.

Our standard widths are the most popular in the industry and are consistent with what discerning customers expect when buying commercial tents for sale.

  • The 30’ wide system is designed for medium-sized events and installations and is frequently used with symmetrical square 30’ x 30’ installations.
  • The larger 40’ wide system offers a larger width that is suited to long tent runs.

Our tents are expandable in length, up to 100 feet and beyond for the largest commercial and private events. Expansion is achieved with a highly reliable mid extension system designed by Economy Tent International.

How Mid Sections Can Expand Commercial Tents for Any Event

Any events organizer, promotor, or tent rental company expert will know that there’s no real ‘standard’ when it comes to tent lengths. While 30’ and 40’ wide systems are the most popular, end-customers often expand their tents to unique lengths to suit the needs of their events.

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The required length will depend on the event, the number of attendees, and the interior layout. Events that will include seating, dining settings, and entertainment areas could require tents that approach or even exceed 50 feet in length. Smaller events, commercial tents used for trade shows, and other specialty applications may only require tents that are 30 or 40 feet in length.

Mid sections are available in increments of 10 or 20 feet. This allows flexibility to add as much or as little length as is needed. Mid section covers lace to the main cover using a highly secure loop and grommet system. A vinyl flap covers the connection for a clean esthetic that makes the tent look seamless. Regardless of length, the tent will look as if it were manufactured specifically for the installation.

Commercial Tents Cover Options to Suit Any Event

Our cover styles are a highlight of the Classic Plus™ frame system. They are manufactured from 18oz. blackout vinyl. The material is lacquer coated for durability, easy cleaning, easy handling, and efficient storage.

Our 18oz. covers for Classic Plus™ commercial tents are available in a variety of solid color options including black, yellow, orange, rust, gray, beige, red, green, dark green, navy blue, and royal blue. Striped covers come in yellow-white, blue-white, green-white, and red-white. Our striped covers use 30” stripes for a striking esthetic.

Custom “West Coast” style covers can be ordered upon request. We manufacture these to order and lead times can vary depending on our backlog, material availability, and the time of year. If you require these unique covers, please contact us today for your quote.

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Amptjer customization option for our tent covers is the Clear Burlan 18oz SkyLite™ vinyl style. Transparent covers create an impressive aesthetic in the right conditions, although they should be avoided at the peak of summer when events will be held during midday hours. Afternoon and evening events lend themselves well to transparent tent covers. While some transparent covers are known to expand and stretch over time, becoming deformed and saggy, ours use embedded filament lines to prevent this common problem.

An intensive amount of research and development goes into every one of our commercial tents for sale so that you can enjoy many years of usage and an excellent return on your initial investment. Whether you use a commercial tent privately or for hiring at your business, our solutions represent the best value on the market. In addition to the various style options, the technical features of our Classic Plus™ covers set them apart.

Every Classic Plus™ tent cover is supplied with a storage bag and is available with:

  • Electronically welded seams for consistency and reliability.
  • Customizable mid sections for modular expansion.
  • Stainless steel buckles to resist corrosion and failure.
  • Double reinforced straps and buckles for stability and durability.
  • Radiofrequency welded vinyl grommets.

Covers give commercial tents personality and help them to stand out. You’ll love our vast selection of colors and styles for the Classic Plus™ system.

Who Should Buy Our Commercial Tents for Sale?

Although our commercial tents are frequently used as part of a business offering, their use isn’t limited to for-profit activities. Our customers are as diverse as our tent styles and sizes.

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Our commercial tents for sale are ideal for:

  • Tent hire companies looking for the most reliable inventory that is highly customizable.
  • Private businesses that want to use temporary tents for trade events and on-premise events.
  • Private businesses that want a tent on-hand for yearly events like family days staff parties.
  • Events organizers who don’t primarily offer tent higher, but want a reliable option on-hand.
  • Sports teams including little league, amateur, and professional teams.
  • Small and mid-sized governments that use tents for community events.
  • Schools and universities looking for sports, fairground, or general-purpose commercial tents.
  • General hire companies.

This list is by no means extensive. Our commercial tents are the peak of reliability and durability and will outperform consumer-focused tents (even the largest ones) on every occasion.

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