If you intend to host an outdoor event, we recommend you hire any of our range of tents. When hosting an outdoor event, you might find yourself worrying about adverse weather. With our rental tents ranging from traditional to a high peak tent, you don’t have to worry and you can focus on other aspects of the event, including decoration and food preparation.

Various kinds of tents exist for various purposes. Here’s our insightful guide on the various kinds of tents to consider.

High Peak Tents

A high peak tent can add great charm to any tented event. However, they lack a pole tent’s conventional aesthetics. These tents are suitable for upscale events taking place outdoors. For instance, they’re well suited for weddings, graduations, and outdoor luncheons.

What differentiates them from pole tents is their useful internal space. Rather than use center poles, they have an elevated center that allows easy installation. The outcome is the conventional appeal of a pole tent with a frame tent’s functionality.

The strong and durable tent comprises heavy-duty commercial-grade constituents. Therefore, it will tolerate adverse weather impressively along with the strains that accompany heavy commercial use. This tent falls under the category of a tension tent.

Like a traditional pole tent, high peak tents are portable and resistant to strong winds because of their aerodynamic design. If you’re hosting an event where you desire elegance, we recommend these tents. While they’re more expensive, they command admiration. It’s worth noting that they provide an ideal solution where you anticipate long-term installation.

Elements of High Peak Tents

A high peak tent is a blend between a frame and pole tent. You’ll notice it yields a spectacular appearance of a high-pitch tent but lacks center poles. The sizes start at 20×20 ft. and their configuration can take place in various layouts and dimensions.

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They need 5ft around the perimeter for suitable anchoring. Bear in mind that tent layouts can vary extensively depending on landscape restrictions, the number of attendees, and the planned activities within your tent.

Advantages of High Peak Tents

Capacity to accommodate huge numbers

When hosting an occasion for a large number of people, air circulation is one of the major challenges. You can expect enhanced air circulation as long as the ground-to-ceiling clearance is bigger. If you’re looking to host huge numbers of attendees, we recommend a high peak tent.

You’ll notice that the huge clearance is convenient when the tent accommodates large pieces of equipment.

Flexibility and Spaciousness

Our high peak tents provide an unobstructed open area and an extra means to include lighting options or decorations. Furthermore, they offer an open, roomy feeling. You’ll have numerous options when it comes to the setup, allowing you to create space large enough to accommodate 200 guests along with food tables and a dance floor.

Where to Use High Peak Tents


Whether it’s a sales promotion or corporate event, tents play a significant role. It’s important to concentrate on how a corporate venue looks and feels while ensuring your guests have a comfortable space.

Bear in mind that corporate parties must be prestigious. That’s why we provide the most innovative and creative solutions to ensure a successful corporate party.


Various factors make a wedding successful and tents are one of them. This day should be memorable and this can only be possible if everything is in its rightful place. Tents provide the perfect canvas for this memorable day and various choices exist.

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Whether you intend to celebrate this day on a garden or beach, high peak tents could help set the stage. Our tents are accessible in various colors, shapes, and we could customize them per your needs.

Tension Tents

A tension tent resembles a pole tent in terms of performance and construction. You’ll find them supported by center poles, side poles, and tensioned with a guy system. Nonetheless, they feature an advanced network of webbings all over the top.

In turn, this is frequently attached to plates that join them together, producing rigid tent “bones.” Furthermore, superior construction techniques are necessary during the manufacturing procedure. To produce a tension tent, stringent engineering specs and design must take place.

A tension tent is suitable for social functions and outdoor parties. Your guests will enjoy these tents, which can tolerate torrential downpours and gusty winds. Although the center pole might obstruct views for some guests slightly, this issue isn’t significant for most tent renters.

Our tension tents comprise high peaks with graceful curves that are both functional and aesthetic. We love the fact that these tents are equally versatile and we can configure them to meet your precise needs and specifications. The shape of these tents offers a stylish appearance that’s in high demand at high-end events.

A tension tent can tolerate wind loads up to 70 mph and are accessible in bigger sizes, up to 120 ft. wide and almost any length. You’ll discover they require fewer internal poles than conventional pole and rope tents. We highly recommend them for any kind of huge-scale event, from gala fundraisers to private weddings.

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When it comes to the installation, we recommend you hire adequately trained crews who’ll follow the manufacturer’s prerequisites closely. Ensure you test and observe soil conditions and select an anchor system that can withstand the load resistance.

Traditional Tent

This type of tent is popular for smaller occasions because they’re versatile, cost-effective, and easy to tailor. Although we still have to anchor them, they can be installed and weighted down without internal poles and stakes, making them a good option for covering patios, decks, and terraces.

However, they’re restricted in their capacity to tolerate the elements since most aren’t rated for snow load or high wind. These tents are perfect for backyard parties or as support tents for huge events, where you can use them to station reception areas, field kitchens, and other stand-alone functions that need smaller spaces.

The tent you choose should be a crucial decision during event planning if you want your guests to enjoy a comfortable environment away from the weather elements while setting the mood and stage from where the action will occur. This guide offers insight into various tents along with their features. If you’re looking to rent a tent from a reliable supplier, we have what you need.