Selecting the right types of tents for events is important in ensuring successful and memorable hosting.

Tents can be categorized based on their design which in turn is influenced by the use for which the tent was intended. Let’s look at some of the broad categories of tents.

event tent with metal frame

Pole tents

  • These are the most common traditional form of tents that consist of interconnecting poles and center poles to assist in supporting the structure.
  • They are budget-friendly and versatile for use in most types of events.
  • However, they’re limited on the kind of surface they can be pitched or erected on.
  • Pole tents are typically pitched on grass landscapes because they need to be staked to the ground to provide stability to the tent structure.
  • Pole tents come in sizes varying from small to large and typically can be used for events like hosting barbeques and small outdoor gatherings events.
  • You should also note that because of the center pole, pole tents do not always offer a clear line of sight from all points within the tent.
  • This makes them unsuitable for events where there’s one focal event such as a wedding.

tropical style tent Frame tents

  • This particular type of tent differs from a pole tent in that it doesn’t need center poles for additional support.
  • Commercial frame tents are ideal for providing tent cover for events that will hold very large groups of people.
  • These tents are suitable for hosting public gatherings, weddings, and corporate events.
  • The biggest advantage of this type of tent is that it provides a clear and obstructed view from all points within the tent.

Frame tents are a broad category of tents and here at Economy Tent International, we have a number of variations suited for different purposes.

moroccan themed tent

If you’re looking for a tent that is easy to set up and take down, look no further!

Our frame tents are perfect for any event – whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or backyard party. They are simple to set up and take down, so you can spend less time worrying about your tent and more time enjoying your event.

Our frame tents come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your event. Plus, they are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect one to match your decor.

Order your frame tent today!


This is a commercial tent designed with a modular design. Its size can be increased by adding expandable mids. It is ideal for hosting weddings at large corporate events.

The Classic Plus tent is engineered and wind load tested.

  • tent styles event tents 30’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, 2” mid-rafter, and 2” sidebars.
  • 40’ wide tents include double-tube corner rafters, double-tube mid-rafters, 2” side bars, and additional corner supports.
  • Galvanized steel Flo-coat™ fittings.
  • Failsafe steel snap button assembly.
  • Adjustable leg height 7′, 7’3”, 8′, 8’3”, 9′, 9’3”.
  • 1/4” plastic coated steel cable(s) with 3” snap hooks are included on frames 60’ and longer.
  • Cover pitches for the CLASSIC PLUS™ are 30’ wide – 8’;  40’ wide – 10’6”. Add center mast height for the cover pitch of the 30’ High-Peak style.
  • Stake and ratchet strap included.
  • Cross-brace systems are available for any size CLASSIC PLUS™ frame.

If you want to check this tent out, click on this link.

XP Series XP Series

This XP series tent incorporates a cross-cable design that supports a center pole that doesn’t have to be grounded. The central pole allows for peaks and because it is suspended the tent still provides open and unobstructed space.

The ETI XP Series was designed with strength and a sleek design. Its elegant curves make it similar to our other high-peaked tents, which were made for stability through repeated installations or enduring use!

We offer you a double-valance & top tensioning ratchet system so that this cover will stay uniformly tensioned without wrinkles ever again

Assembly of this tent does not require any tools. Its design is minimalistic, reducing the number of parts.

Marquee Frame tent Marquee Frame tent

This type of commercial tent has gable ends and is ideal for providing cover on footpaths, building entrances, building extensions, at walkways between buildings. It also has the advantage of being extendible.

The Marquee frame tent is a gable-end design that can be used for entryways, and extensions to or between buildings, and tents. It’s available in 10′, 9’and 6′; widths with compatible parts making up the TRIO® system!

Concession tents

Concession tents

The perfect solution for your next outdoor event is waiting in the wings! With our high-quality, durable tents you can host anything from food services to game nights with ease.

We offer all of these great features under one tent; easy installation process that doesn’t leave any mess behind because it comes pre-cleaned and ready for use

No need to waste time or money on repairs when something goes wrong during setup either (plus we’re so proud that nothing ever does).

And if style matters too?

Well look no further than TRIO® Concession Tents since they come equipped both aesthetically pleasing design elements such as colors matching what’s popular right now plus an added bonus

These are small easy-to-install tents that are used for outdoor tent functions such as educational fairs, booths, and trade fairs. These commercial tents are available in custom-printed tent covers for branding purposes

Clear Span Tent

This type of commercial tent is also called a structure tent. It provides the largest and most open space of all the tent types. It can be set up for medium to long-term usage without any concerns about stability or maintenance.

It can be used for purposes such as warehouses because it provides a large clear unobstructed space.

Accessorizing Your Commercial Tent

Now that we have looked at the basic structures of commercial tents there are also things you can do to customize your tent to your event’s needs.

Clear tent covers Accessorizing are translucent and allow in a controlled amount of light and keep out harmful UV Rays. They are ideal when hosting outdoor events that need to take in the outdoor ambiance.  For example, they are ideal for hosting outdoor weddings.

Side walls can be added to commercial tents and convert the tent structure into self-contained ones. All these accessories are available at Economy Tents International.

So generally speaking different types of tents require different types of tent designs.

If you’re planning on hosting an event and you don’t know which type of commercial tent, please contact us at Economy Tents International for guidance on the type selection.

Additionally, at Economy Tents International, we have our TRIO frame system that is very light, dependable, and designed for easy installation on sites.

We have all types of tents for events, so call us now if you have questions about our products.