Why Buy from ETI?

The choice of which tent manufacturer has the best features for the money is obvious.

ETI goes above and beyond in quality, versatility and ease of use.

Patented Frame System

Versatile TRIO design - 1 Frame, 3 cover styles.

Engineered Frame Construction

Wind load tested up to 75 mph

Lacquer-Coated 18oz. Vinyl

Eliminates sticking, faster to install & Clean.

Stainless Steel buckles

Utilized on all covers. Eliminates rust.

Double Reinforced Straps

Greater strength and durability.

R.F Welded Vinyl Grommets

Tear-resistant grommets on expandable covers.

Steel Snap Button Assembly

Easy assembly. No pins or tools needed.

Cast Aluminum Fittings

Dependable, light-weight performance.

Fully Adjustable Legs

Legs extend from 5 ft. to 8 ft. for easy installation.

Color-coded End Caps

Exclusive to ETI for quick frame size identification.

Slidewall Trac System

ETI's exclusive sliding sidewall system.

High Res Digital Printing

Sharp, vivid 400 dpi digital printing available.

We want to make your tent purchasing experience fast, easy, and fun.

Tents Made in USA

Used Worldwide

The Quality You Need

At The Price You Want

Days - Not Weeks - Away

Ships from Sunny Florida!