A wedding that takes place in a winter wonderland setting can have an elegant and magical ambiance. We recognize that this wedding theme is one of the most popular, and can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire.

The initial step in planning such a theme is to determine your perfect wonderland. The classic notion of a wonderland is pure, soft, beautiful snow. Nonetheless, you can have a uniquely themed event by incorporating personal touches such as a traditional tent to your event. Here’s a look at outdoor ideas worth considering.

Wedding Aisle

An aisle is possibly the first and most stunning thing that will wow your guests. We recommend you decorate it in wonderland style.

We suggest you take white branches and decorate using candles and crystal garlands, including faux snow, white petals, and pinecones. You’ll want to paint the trees white to give them a frosty look and glue some faux snow for the same goal. Consider using more candles to generate a cool ambiance and touching appearance for your wedding venue.

Table and Reception Décor

You’ll create a fairy-tale-like reception by using faux snow, white feathers, glass, ornaments, and numerous candles to make the ideal décor. Your colors should be blue, silver, white, and icy blue because they associate with snow in the best way.

When it comes to centerpieces, we propose a white or red rose in an ice cube. To decorate the entire area, you could use white trees with LED lights rather than flowers. When it comes to tablecloths, we recommend white ones in the reception area. When you merge these with silver cutleries and white plates, they’ll blend to match the decoration theme.

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Flower Arrangements

Oftentimes, we associate flower arrangements with spring and summer events. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot capture winter with a nature-inspired arrangement or centerpiece. Although winter flowers aren’t always the most appealing, dried petals, silver-sprayed branches, and pinecones can have a strong influence.

Lighting and Draping

The wonderland wedding belongs to the class of fairy-tale weddings. That implies getting a professional to drape the walls and ceilings in our rental high peak tent. You can also rent statement tables to transform the room.

If you desire a Winterland effect in your reception upon guest entry, concentrate on your lighting. Blue and white tone lights will mimic the lighting produced by snow. You could even use crystals as part of the centerpieces to mirror this lighting and amplify the effect further.

Themed Menu

Your menu must be rich and warm, using in-season produce. You could also take a new perspective on conventional holiday favorites such as cranberry appetizers and turkey.

Table Setting

To have an elegant table, begin by positioning a white table cover like a snow layer. We prefer you use shiny silvers and clear glassware. For a touch of charm, convert your napkins into paper fans. You just need to open a paper-made snowflake napkin halfway before making accordion folds to the end. Position an end of the folded napkin into a transparent goblet and allow the rest to fan out.


The easiest way of letting guests step into a winter wonderland is by giving them something to step through. An entrance or archway using twinkling lights or classic colors leaves guests intrigued before they get inside. That is, they function as a physical manifestation of the shift from the actual world into a wonderland.

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If you want to add some glamor to your wedding venue, we recommend chandeliers. Whether it’s a rustic contemporary wedding with chandeliers suspended in trees or a more conventional wedding with chandeliers suspended above dining tables in our rental high peak tent, there’s no better way of adding pizazz to your winter event than with chandeliers.

Combine Textures

Combine textures throughout the venue to offer a cozy, winter feel. You might want to consider a centerpiece with florals, wood elements, and textured fabrics. Alternatively, we advise clients to combine shapes like short and long wax candles with floral arrangements of different heights. Having a range of textures and shapes will magnify the seasonal vibes.

Select the Color Palette

The colors you’ll use will have a great impact on how your day feels. Obtain inspiration from the colors you see in nature during winter. Some of the colors we recommend include light blue, silver-grey, and white.

Just remember deep rich hues such as green, brown, and burgundy. Once you determine the color palette, use it to theme your attire, invitations, centerpieces, and linens. The color palette can equally apply to our rental tension tent when setting up. Our experts will readily advise you on how to set up if you lack the knowledge.

Bring the Outdoor Elements Inside

When it comes to obtaining inspiration from nature, remember to bring some of the outdoor elements inside. Wood and pine cones are wintery elements, but you could use snowflakes and faux snow to convert your reception into a fairy-tale winter scene. If you’re looking to wow your guests, you might want to consider integrating an ice sculpture.

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Snowflake Decorations

You can add a unique touch to your event with handmade snowflakes. This activity is great for the bridal party before the wedding. Nothing speaks of winter weddings and holidays more than suspended snowflakes from the traditional tent. Consider positioning them in the tent’s reception area. Alternatively, you could use them as photo backdrops for guests.

Add Sheer Curtains

A beautiful addition to a high peak tent is sheer curtains. These accessories add some class to a wonderland wedding. They’re developed with sophistication in mind and are affordable. You’ll find this concept works around the groom and bride’s table as well as the wedding cake table.

Planning a wedding during winter doesn’t have to drain you financially. It might surprise you to know that weddings are comparatively cheaper during winter and with some DIY techniques, you can plan a great event with the right décor, lighting, and traditional tent.  You just need the right team to ensure you host a successful event.