The Economy Tent 40 foot wide tent for events and weddings is one of the most durable and versatile tents on the market today. It’s the perfect choice for events managers and hiring companies looking for a turnkey solution that can provide years of use and return on investment.

Economy Tents incorporate user-friendly features that can make setup simpler and quicker. Six experienced installers can typically erect a large 40 foot wide tent in less than three hours.

Securing any large tent is essential, no matter the conditions. ETI Tents by Anchor are designed to withstand both wind and rain when properly erected and secured. They’re suitable for all foundations, whether you are working on paving materials, concrete, or even grass.

If you have recently purchased or are considering a 40 x 100 wedding tent, you’ll need to get accustomed with our recommendations for securing your events on any foundation.

Securing a 40 Foot Wide Tent on Grass or a Similar Surface

Stakes and guy ropes can be used to secure your tent on suitable grass or soft terrain. Follow these simple tips to secure the frame and canopy.

  • wedding tentStakes should be positioned 5-feet out from each leg of the frame tent. Stakes should be driven vertically into the ground until there is 5” to 6” remaining above ground. Do not insert stakes at an angle. This could compromise the stability of your tent and could lead to damage in windy conditions.
  • Ratchet straps or guy ropes should be attached between each leg and stake. Work from the corners of your 40 x 100 frame tent and then work inwards.
  • Guy ropes can be looped through exterior rings on your Economy Tent. Bottoms should be tied to the stake using a double loop clove hitch knot.
  • Ratchet straps can be used in place of guy ropes. Our Classic 40 foot wide tents can be secured between the exterior rings of the tent, and a noose pulled tight around the stake.
  • Be sure to secure any slack lines. Ratchet straps can be secured on the ratchet buckle. Excess guy rope should be folded and secured at the stake.
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These instructions can help you to secure any large frame tent that uses a stake and ring system. Economy Tents are provided with detailed assembly instructions with visual diagrams to help your installation crews.

Note that you may be required to gain permission before staking a tent on a public or commercial property. Ensure that you are in full compliance with all local laws when installing any tent.

Find the Highest Quality 40 x 100 Frame Tents Online

Economy Tent International is an Anchor Tent company, with decades of experience in the industry. The highest standards of design and engineering ensure a reliable investment for your business.

Whether managing events or offering tents for hire, you need reliable and durable options in your inventory. Contact us today to order 40 x 100 wedding tents and more. We offer worldwide shipping for international customers, with hundreds of tent frames, covers, and accessories in stock now.

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