Reliable commercial tents will make any event easier to manage and run. With the potential to create a high-end venue at any location, commercial tents for sale offer flexibility that permanent venues simply can’t compete with.

One of the biggest challenges that rental companies and event organizers face is choosing the right tent size. Widths and lengths are largely standardized and with the right commercial tent supplier, you can enjoy a modular system that can be extended to offer the perfect space for your desired floor layout.

Before you invest, learn how to choose the right size commercial tents for any event.

Standard Tent Sizes and Suitability for Guests

Before you can even think about tent size, you need to consider the number of guests that will be in attendance. Tent capacity will vary depending on whether you include tables in the tent. Commercial tents that will include seating without tables, catering stands, and possibly a dance floor, will be able to accommodate more people than commercial tents that include tables with seating.

A standard 30×30 foot tent will comfortably and safely seat up to 60 guests with tables, or around 130 guests without tables. This configuration will provide 900 square feet of floor space and is suited to most small events.

Going for a larger option, like 40×40 foot commercial tents, will significantly increase the floor space and headcount allowance. A 40×40 tent with 1600 square feet of floor space will comfortably seat up to 107 guests with tables, or around 230 guests standing.

You can easily scale up these figures by adding length to a tent. A longer 40×80 tent, as an example, will comfortably seat up to 213 guests at tables or around 450 guests standing without tables.

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Planning is Key to Getting the Right Size When Buying Commercial Tents for Sale

The figures above are guidelines and they won’t be applicable in every scenario. The size of the tables, space between seats, catering stands, audio and video equipment, photo booths, stages, and dance floors will all take up floor space.

The best way to determine exactly how much space you will need is to take the tent size you are considering, determine the total available floor space, and then consider all the items that will be placed in the tent.

When hiring tables and chairs, these usually adhere to standard sizes, so this is helpful. If you aren’t sure about the sizes, consult the documentation for the equipment you own or talk to the company where you will be hiring the seating and other party furniture.

Even without graphing your tent layout with all the furniture, you can follow some simple guidelines to help you to determine the right commercial tents for sale.

  • An event like a wedding, family reunion, or any formal event with dining using 8-foot tables will require 12 square feet per guest.
  • A buffet-style layout using large and long banquet tables will require 8 square feet per guest.
  • A formal cocktail event that uses standing tables rather than tables and seating will require 7 square feet per guest.
  • An even where guests are standing will require 6 square feet per guest.

Keep in mind that the items you add to the tent will limit the potential for guest space. Vendors and professionals like DJs and caterers will be able to tell you exactly how much floor space they need to operate safely and efficiently within commercial tents for sale.

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Rental and Event Companies are More Efficient with Modular Commercial Tents

Modular commercial tents for sale make the most sense when investing long-term for business purposes. Rental companies and event companies will see efficiency benefits when using modular tents.

The key advantage comes in the ability to extend the length of the tent. This allows for the maximum use of space at any location, without compromising the structural integrity or stability of a commercial tent. For the smallest events, the base configuration can be used. For larger occasions with more guests, extension sections can be added so that everyone on the guest list can be accommodated, along with any internal features like catering tables, bars, and dance floors, etc.

Choosing the Best Commercial Tent SupplierCommercial Tents

The quality and versatility of the commercial tents used are just as important as the planning that goes into the event. Economy Tent International is the leading commercial tent supplier for discerning rental companies, event companies, and any business that wants to invest in durable commercial tents.

The Classic Plus™ Frame System is the best choice for commercial tents that can be expanded beyond 100 feet in length. There are significant benefits to be enjoyed when choosing this system supplied by Economy Tent International.

  • The frame system and cover materials are engineered to the highest standards, allowing resistance to wind loads of up to 75 miles per hour.
  • Tubing is made from anodized marine aluminum to offer the best resistance against corrosion and other forms of damage.
  • Tents are available in both 30-foot and 40-foot wide configurations.
  • Tents can be extended using mid sections (available in both 10-foot and 20-foot sections) so that the base configuration can be adapted to any event.
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Economy Tent International is a commercial tent supplier offering a range of standard covers made from the best 18oz. lacquer coated vinyl. Covers are available in both solid colors and stripes to get the perfect esthetic for any event.

Versatile Commercial Tents Sized Perfectly for Any Event

Determining the right tent size for your event is as easy as multiplying the guest count and space requirements for basic seating, dining, and standing layouts. Make allowances for extra features and special areas and you’ll know exactly how much floor space is needed. With Classic Plus™ commercial tents for sale, standard 30-foot wide and 40-foot wide tents can be easily reconfigured to accommodate any special interior floorplan layout or guest list.

Economy Tent International is the best commercial tent supplier when you want the highest quality tents that can be customized for any scenario.